SpecialtyBuildings are everywhere! We see them every day, as we drive or walk to where we need to go. However, how often do we all pay attention to any of the details from the structures themselves? Do we ever wonder what the buildings were constructed from? How long it took to build from start to finish? Or wonder what it looks like on the inside?

SpecialtyWhen a person is trying to determine what type of building structure they want, they often ask themselves certain questions. Those questions include the following:

What is the purpose of the structure?
The answer to this question will give you the reason why you are building the structure, to begin with, as well as how you plan to use it.
What is the size of the structure?
It is important to know the size of the structure because it will allow you to plan accordingly with the materials that you want, or need, to use.
Are there any load-bearing constraints?
The taller the building, the more load-bearing restraints there might be. This information is needed sooner than later, so the proper issues and changes can be addressed.
Are there any environmental factors to consider?
Everyone wants to be environmentally friendly nowadays, which is good news. This question will allow you to see potential issues prior to the construction process and make the necessary changes before the work even starts.
How soon does the building need to be completed?
Some people want their buildings constructed faster than others, so a different building type might need to be chosen to get the desired results.
What are the costs of the materials?
The cost of the materials being used may cause you to choose a different building type over another.

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